Who are we?

We are the Edmond Sportsmen’s Club, a well established Hunting Club. We strive to acquire and maintain some of the best land and habitat for hunting Deer, Quail, Pheasant, Turkey, Dove, Hogs, some waterfowl and fishing ponds.  We currently have over 100,000 acres of prime hunting land in Oklahoma and Kansas.  Our Kansas leases are feather only leases.

Established in 1984 as a non-profit, Edmond Sportsmen’s Club was the vision of 6 men who loved to hunt. Today, the club is managed by a board of volunteer, elected officials, including a President, Treasurer, Secretary and 9 other board members.

Why should you join the Edmond Sportsmen’s Club?

Great Hunting

We have prime hunting land that covers over 100,000 acres.  Click HERE to see the map.

Limited Number

We cap our membership each year so space is limited. We have a proven system that keep small numbers of hunters on any piece of property while still allowing everybody a great place to hunt.

Trophy Animals

We ask all our members to let the little ones walk. We have plenty of 8 point and larger bucks to let the little ones grow to be trophies.


When you join our club you will have a family membership which includes you, your spouse as well as all your children up to 21 years old.


The price of a yearly membership is far less than many 1 day hunts. Approximately 95 cents of every dollar goes into leasing land. No hidden fees.

Year Round Membership

Most of our leases offer year round hunting.

Not Limited To One Species of Game

Members are able to hunt all species of game including: Deer, Quail, Pheasant, Turkey, Dove, Hogs, some waterfowl and great fishing ponds. All game is wild and fair chase. No game fences and no released animals.